Instagram is a social networking service which allows its users to share photos and videos online by applying digital filters and gives users the opportunity to share it on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. And since its launch in October 2010 it has became a popular sensation.

Instagram over 100 million active users and 58 photos and one user signing every second. With its increasing popularity there are a lot of people using it, but there is no fun using it if the photos and videos you share are not being viewed by anyone. You need followers for your uploads to be viewed. The question how to get popularity on Instagram and how to get more followers?


1. Upload good pictures

Its about quality and not about quantity. Dont keep on uploading pictures one after another thinking that it will generate you more followers. Go for quality pictures which your followers are really interested in. Look at what theme most popular pictures are on try to follow the same trend.

2. Connect Instagram with your Facebook

Connecting these two accounts can help you get more likes as most of the Facebook users are using Instagram and once you connect these accounts you will be able to see a lot of friends on there too. Chances are they might follow you as they are already your Facebook friends.

3. Use Filters

Filters can beautify your pictures. Using filters on your original pictures will help you get more likes. Some of the most popular filters are:

1. Amaro
2. Rise
3. Hudson
4. X-Pro II
5. Sierra
6. Lo-fi
7. Earlybird

4. Timing is everything

If you upload a picture in the middle of night at 2 AM because you are a night owl, you cannot expect a good amount of likes or comments on your picture. The right time to upload is when most people are going to work or returning back from the work as that is the time when there are most chances that they would be checking their profiles. So the right time can be 8 AM or 4 PM.

5. Use Hashtags

Just like Twitter, Google Plus or some other social networking site Instagram also uses hashtags. Some tags are more popular over the others. Using hashtags while uploading your photos helps them to be found easier based on the hashtags used. It is important to use relevant hashtags. You can use upto to three hashtags for one photo to avoid making your photos look spammy.

Here are the top 20 most popular hashtags. You can also check out the list of top 100 most popular hashtags.

1.#love – 143,817,139 photos
2.#instagood – 97,570,915 photos
3.#me – 80,693,198 photos
4.#tbt – 75,411,509 photos
5.#cute – 75,047,873 photos
6.#photooftheday – 70,995,806 photos
7.#instamood – 64,925,462 photos
8.#beautiful – 54,570,181 photos
9.#picoftheday – 53,776,027 photos
10.#igers – 52,997,258 photos
11.#girl – 52,960,538 photos
12.#instadaily – 51,313,415 photos
13.#iphonesia – 51,124,375 photos
14.#follow – 46,372,281 photos
15.#tweegram – 44,656,230 photos
16.#happy – 43,360,681 photos
17.#summer – 42,718,347 photos
18.#instagramhub – 42,101,798 photos
19.#bestoftheday – 40,202,550 photos
20.#iphoneonly – 39,287,795 photos

6. Combine Images

Sometimes combining images (making a collage) to display multiple images into one. It gets more likes and/or comments over the regular ones. Some of the apps to create collage are Pic Collage, Diptic and Collage Maker Free.

7. Use Statigram

This is one of the best platform to use Instagram on the web. It is a faster option to comment on other’s photos (liking/commenting on others photos increases the number for likes and/or followers for you). It performs a statistical analysis for your profile

8. Follow back

If you want your profile flowing in the right direction you would want more “followers” than “following”. Follow users who are likely to follow you back and when you follow someone back, give them few days to follow you back. If in that certain period of time they don’t follow you back, stop following them. Keeping a track of all your followers/following will be difficult if the number is large so make use of some automated tools. “InstaFollow” and “JustUnFollow” are two great apps that will do it for you for free and are available both on App Store and Google Play Store.

These are some of the most useful tips to get more followers on Instagram. If you have any tips that are not listed here we would love if you can share it with our audience.