Search Engine Optimization

Your online success starts with our SEO services

With so many business having online presence it is important for you stand out of the crowd to get more customers and increase your profits. If you want your customers to find you online its not enough to just have a website or web presence. If your website is not getting you any leads and increasing your sales there is no point maintaining one. One of the most effective way to achieve your goals is through search engine optimization, the most important strategy of internet marketing. With dedicated SEO strategies you can be found easily in search engines over your competition, have more leads, better sales and increased ROI.

SEO is one of the top internet marketing services we supply for optimizing your website results. Our services offer the right opportunity for bettering online visibility prospects in search engine results. Our skilled SEO professionals provide specialized strategies to cash-in on the World Wide Web revolution. Online exploration, identification, and construction are the core activities involved in our SEO service programs. We work with you under your budget and try our best to work out the strategies that bring in the best results for you.

Initial SEO Consulting

We sit with you, and taking your budget into consideration we will help you decide on what strategies you go with to obtain success with SEO strategies.

Keyword Research

this is a very critical step in starting a SEO campaign. It is more than just choosing the keywords with your products or services in it. It is an extensive study of market trends using various tools to find out the right keywords for your niche. We will work out the top keywords your business need to target.

Meta Tags Optimization

We optimize Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, Meta Keywords Tags for your pages to optimize for search engines.

Web page Content Optimization

You might have content on your website but its not keyword rich, we study work content, run it through our tools and check the keyword density, key phrases and generate the content with is more relevant to the search engines and visitors.

HTML Improvements

Your website may be appealing to look at but there are chances that it might need some improvements which are incorrect in the eyes of the search engines, we go through them and try to fix those HTML validation and/or errors.

Off Page Optimization

Getting good back-links to your website not only improves rankings but get higher PageRank (Google’s way of ranking the web pages). We do Article Submission, Video submission, Blog posting, Link exchange and build a link structure for your website to get good back-links.

URl rewriting

Most websites with dynamic pages have variables in their URL which are not easily readable by search engines and visitors. Search engines love well structured URLs and helps them redirect better. We formulate better URL structure based on the content of the page to aid search engines crawl better.

Sitemap Generation

Sitemaps help search engines navigate better and changes made on the website are indexed faster.

Google Analytics/Webmaster Tool Setup

Google is the most important search engine you want to target and setting up for these tools provided by Google is very important. They provide information important to you online performance, presence and your visitors flow.

Bing Webmaster Tool Setup

Even though Google is the most important search engine, you do not want to ignore Bing, as around 15% of the searches are made through Bing. SO setting up for Bing Webmaster Tool will help understand how Bing is reading your website.

Competition Study

Understanding what your competitors are doing online in terms of seo strategies, keywords they target, their page structures, link building strategies we keep on formulating a better approach towards your campaign.

Keywords Tracking

Optimizing the keywords is the step we have done right but we put constant efforts in tracking the performance of those keywords and keep on working towards improving their results.

It does not matter what your business is as there is not one fit for all in SEO. We will tailor techniques based on what your business is. We work with small and mid sized companies to help them generate more leads and increase their Return on Investment through our effective search enginw optimization strategies.

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