Google Trends was a tool we all have used for so many reasons, some might have used it just to check the hottest trending topics while some might have used it to find the trending topics to write a blog about. Until now Google Trends might have showed up the wrong terms for your topic of interest. But the new intelligent update today it has become smarter and shows more meaningful results while you are searching for the topic. So when you look up “rice,” are you measuring search interest in Rice University or the rice you eat? In the past if you wanted to campare the trends between “RIce” and “Harvard” you mich get a report which would look like this

Google Trends  Previous Version

With the new update (still in beta phase) when you start typing in “rice” you will see suggestions showing up (just like Google Instant but with tip underneath to distinguish them). So when you type “rice” and you’ll see suggestions like “Rice University (University)” and “Rice (Cereal).”

Google Trends - Search Suggestions

This will show a fair comparison between “Rice” and “Harvard” and more give you better “related searches” results. The new result will look like this

Google Trends Intelligent Version

This new update not helps with ambiguous search terms but gives results considering many different searches which pretty much mean the same thing. It is like it thinks (uses brain) and shows results based on what a mind can come up with. Say you are searching for a person it will even show the results if you have mis-spelled the name. For your search “Jason Statham” or you miss-spell it and say “Jason Stathom” the algorthim will take many factors in consideration and show the same results. Google in their blog are even saying that in the future, as they keep updating and improving their algorithm you might get right result when you search for a phrase. Example you search “Lead actor in Transporter” and might show the results for “Jason Statham”. This will be a useful update when taking commonly misspelled searches in different languages into consideration.

There are data for more than 700,00 unique topics from Barack Obama to football (soccer) to Hayao Miyazaki. You can even filter the displayed data to measure the worldwide performance or choose any of these seven countries: Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, UK, and US.

Share your thoughts and reviews on this update. DO you like it better now or do you like the previous version better?

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